Sunday, March 31, 2024

Biden goes the GW Bush route

 The Bidenists are sounding more and more like the Bushies of yore. Not just the immorality of the policy in the Middle East, but the absolute blindness to the possibility of blowback. Blowback knocked down the two largest towers in NYC and slammed into the Pentagon. Blowback blew up the Atocha station in Spain, and gave us the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Bataclan massacre and the Nice massacre in France. But now we are to believe that crushing a million Gazans like so many earthworms will have no larger effect in the world.

The Bidenists are as braindead as the Bushies if they accept this story. And, like the Bushies, they will be confounded if something happens. And will rush to embrace the most fascist but country club sounding Republican. It is as predictable as the most tired TV series.

Meanwhile, in France they are actually going to be sponsoring an Olympics in the city I live in, Paris. As if we can tra la la our way between shipping weapons to Israel from Marseilles and giving little Commander Macron an opportunity to bla bla bla. The political elite is brain dead.

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