Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Saving the heritage: France's system of retraite


Lucie Mazauric was a museologist of the rarest sort – a Radical Socialist (along with her husband, Andre Chamson), a resistor, and a key member of the “circus” – mi-clochard, mi-aristo, as she puts it – who hid France’s museum treasures, its Da Vincis and Delacroixes, from the Nazis. In Ma Vie en Chateaux, she gives an account of this adventure: the finding of places of safety, the gathering of equipment to guard the treasures, especially fire-fighting equipment, the getting trucks together to convey it, on short notice, from one place to the other.

“But this happy specialisation, even as it filled us with pride, didn’t prevent our trucks from becoming ever more dirty at every new displacement, and our personnel ever more tired. We trailed after us a miserable baggage that gave us the air of travelling, not too prosperous, jugglers. In the end, the cases were worn out, the nails were lost, the gas was hard to find, the wrapping had lost their initial freshness. However, we buckled the buckle, the paintings were returned to their hanging places nail by nail, the sculptures pedestal by pedestal, and we had to marvel at it all.”

I have this feeling about that other French treasure: the social security system. A work of eighty years. While the Macronists are destroying it now, out in the street, with the air of down at heels jugglers, our protestors, our strikers are determined to save it. And we will have it back, every nail and pedestal of it, so to speak. I don’t believe France will lose its heritage because a lot of jumped up suit, clustered around their suited and rolexed Ubu Roi, have decreed it so.

Vive La France!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks for this.I didn't know of Lucie Mazauric and her group. As for heritage and inheritance what do these bots in suits know or acknowledge. The emprerer has no clothes doesn't even cover it, a child said that, not experts or editorialists. And of course the bot in suits, the so-called self-made man can't reign without the experts and lackeys. Social security? Social= I'm boss. Security= I'm protecting you from the untold foriegners who want to kill you, though I am going to try and destroy your own social fabric.
Fuck that. We do have our heritage, our memory. We will fight. We owe that. To our past and future. Not just ours.


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