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The convention souvenir show

  The Convention souvenir show - Karen Chamisso Bubble cup hair style, wig wardrobe Midge The nightclub seedy eyes of the fifties Barbie Ratpack wasted in her fuck me night ware. “Rare factory updo in debutante ball.” Turn to model 4598 in the collector’s catalogue: My Crystal Barbie, her platinum rush Long relegated to attic storage: as basket case body she awaits resurrection. I was eight. Mom had that rich chestnut mane (See Collector item 11782) Barbie and I loved the album Where we admired her debutante glow, seventeen, by the lion cage at Audubon Zoo. One night she unfolded that night’s récit getting sloshed with her friend on the vodkas slushie combo. Oh the prettiest Claiborne of 1968! (Her cousin, more plain, has always resented it -see the “extremely rare 1966 brunette Barbie with side parted hair” and the mink coat – from Sears and Roebuck for only $9.99! ). The pawing Deke she went with – although Mom presented it To me as though it was all class and station. Her escort th

The election in France and Marx's journalism

  The NYT coverage of the French election - entrusted to the shaky hands of that stalwart neo-lib, Roger Cohen - has been predictably awful. It has not reached, yet, the glorious bottom plumbed by the Times in the 00s, when its crack foreign correspondents in Iraq focused pretty much centrally on Chalabi in the election of 2005 - only to see Chalabi garner a big one percent of the vote total. The journalism of the myopic and the upper class has a long long history. I wrote a bit about Marx's journalism in 2008 that I think reads well vis a vis the French election and its reporting yesterday. Here it is. Marx’s journalism has suffered a shabby fate – it has not, to my knowledge, been fully collected. One of the nice things about the german site that hosts all of Marx and Engels work is that it is collected there. But in German, translated from the English. It should be collected in English. The man was the godfather of a certain kind of journalism, plus of course there is Marx’s was

macron: same old same old

  Same old, same old. Macron's little ruse - taking the air out of the election by not campaigning - worked. He got the opponent he wanted. So a man who is really disliked, personally and politically, has taken the presidency of France twice. One of the unexpected results of a second round election is it elevates minority candidates. Macron's first round result - 28 percent - is a real gauge of his popularity. It is now an election between a toxic dump and a nuclear reactor accident. I've talked to a friend who thinks Macron has stabbed the French political pattern of demonstrating and pushing the government through the heart. Which would mean, given the french system, an absolutely autocratic president. My friend might be right. I don't see it, though. Macron is going to try to push through a generally disliked and absurdly wealthy friendly agenda. I think he is going to fail. But I'm incurably optimistic.