Monday, July 08, 2024

Round two: Jean Moulin's revenge!

 We beat the miserable bastards. 

France is not brown. Jamais. 

Call it: Jean Moulin's Revenge


Anonymous said...

- Sophie

Roger Gathmann said...

Sophie, that was very nice. I have a fave Bashung chanson-video for the result:

Anonymous said...

Great choice, I love that song!
Et qu'on soit là ou pas, quand même, on y serait
Et toi qui n'es plus là c'est comme si tu étais
Plus immortel que moi mais je te suis de près

Speaking of which. We're in the 14eme and Julie had the brilliant idea that we wait for the election results not at Republique but at Place Josephine Baker. For luck she said. She invited her best friends and they joined hands just before the results were announced, raised them together after they were announced before leaping into each other's arms. And yes, I sensed her mom with us.

- Sophie

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