Monday, February 26, 2024

Gaza. Eight points


A few comments about the Mass murder in the Gaza and its apologists.

1.       1. Gaza is about 3/4ths the size of the Dallas metro area. Israel's apologists keep harping on how Hamas is making Gazans "human shields". This is like saying America makes Americans "human shields" by planting post offices and military bases in metro areas.

2.     2. Every Hamas member is not a soldier. And every hospital with Hamas personnel is not a "shield" for Hamas. In Tel Aviv, the largest hospital, Sheba Medical Center, has a military wing, RAM2. If Hamas bombed the SMC, I am perfectly sure the media would be disinterested in RAM2.

3.       3. Hamas was sustained by the Likud government for one reason: to divide Palestinians and prevent the emergence of a Palestinian state. The evil fruit of that policy is there for us to see: a discredited Palestinian authority on the West Bank, and a paramilitary in Gaza.

4.       4. Hamas is now a wildly popular party with Palestinians, since Hamas is the sole response to Israel's exterminationist policy. The West has abetted Israel's illegal occupation of the West bank and its long imposition of siegelike conditions on Gaza. Western leaders think they'll get a pass on this.

5.       5. This is not going to be a good year for the "center liberal". It is almost certain that, given Israel's policy, another 30 thou at a minimum will die in Gaza. Will be murdered in Gaza. Unlike the West's last fun starve em to death frolic in Yemen, which was to please a huge force in international petroleum, Saudi Arabia, Israel is a small unimportant economic nation, but a vastly important symbolic nation. Its support in the West goes back, pretty clearly, to the German-European mass murder of the Jews between 1939-1945. But by a cruel irony, the state founded to “make up” for this mass murder, Israel, encoded the same noxious ethnic nationalism in its constitution and actions. This was not unforeseeable – Martin Buber warned about this all the way back in the 1920s. Alas, in the shadow of the massive crime committed by the Nazis, a an uncriticizable nation took on the appearances and spirit of the worst European models. Or, for that matter, American models – the Wilsonian dream of the U.S. as a white Christian republic is a mirror image of the Likud ideal.

6.       6. When the U.S. occupied Iraq, no space whatsoever was givin in the "discourse" to the obvious: that the occupying force was going to face an "insurgency." Total surprise there - if you were a Bushite airhead. This obvious is similarly hidden now - except Bidenite aireheads play the gimp role. The Middle East of the dictatorships, with their investments in the West, are not going to hold out as a bulwark against the people who watch the Palestinians be hunted, starved and eliminated in short order, to a barrage of apologies that wouldn’t fool a halfwit.

7.       7. The nature of the apologetic for Israel hasn’t changed in fifty years. It is that Israel is uniquely picked on – look at all the resolutions against it at the U.N.! That proves precisely the opposite point. If the son of the mayor of a town got a number of tickets for speeding and illegal parking and simply tore them up, it would not be evidence that he was picked on, but that he was privileged. Similarly, the number of resolutions against Israel stands in stark contrast to the refusal to punish Israel for actions other countries are embargoed for, or even face armed suppression to arrest. Iraq had a much better claim to Kuwait than Israel has to either the West Bank or East Jerusalem, but in the latter case, that of Israel, the Western alliance has not fought for the Palestinians, nor enforced an economic blockade on Israel, nor demanded arms inspections. Imagine if the UN demanded Israel allow arms inspection of their nuclear capability. It wouldn’t happen.  Similarly, Russia has a much better case for "owning" Ukraine than Israel has for occupying East Jerusalem. Israeli fans always bring up the U.N., and always miss the point. From the p.o.v. of International Law, Israel is an outlaw nation. A nation, like North Korea and Pakistan, that illegally acquired nuclear capability. But the Israeli stans don't really care. For all the hokem about international law, we are still in the 1910s, and the South is still a colonial possession with no right to, well, any voice in things whatsoever.

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Bruce said...

Alas, the gimps are blind and deaf, too.

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