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Monica's juvenalia (or do I mean juvenilia?)

  - by Karen Chamisso 1 Cherchez the bitch! Cherchez the bitch! And all the elders go tsk tsk tsk. 2. Monica Lewinski, I think of you! I’m just such another dixiecup ingenue And have loved to bask in some Nero’s eye Who never stuck a finger in my pie Ending up saying, ”it depends on what sex is” -their mothers all raised them to be little Elvis. Cherchez the bitch! Cherchez the bitch ! 3. Were transcribed in the Elders report “oh (sigh). Oh (sigh). Oh.” Swinging his dick like a pirate in port Waiting for a shipload of cargo While all the Neros chase around all their desks The immanently gropeable, babes babes babes You were the witch, the problem, the dress And your friends are all FBI slaves. 4. Ces murs mêmes, seigneur, peuvent avoir des yeux ; Et jamais l’empereur n’est absent de ces lieux. Put that down in your debutante’s daybook. And never let them in to look. Cherchez the bitch! Cherchez the bitch ! And all the elders go tsk tsk tsk.

Notes on the Gnostic historian

There is a certain kind of skepticism that nests like an ominous crow in the branches of cultural relativism. It is aimed at all the myths and motifs that are used in the hegemonic strata of Western intellectual life – or, taking the nuts and bolts out of my mouth, by orthodoxy, by everything that cultural relativism, since Herder, has sought to take down – Western superiority, a narrow sense of reason, a vulgar notion of progress, all of it. Thus, in the sixties and seventies, when cultural relativism was particularly strong, there were a number of claims that such diverse social phenomena as the practice of cannibalism or the Mafia or European witchcraft were myths. They didn’t exist. There are powerful reasons to take this point of view, as almost always, the existence of the phenomena in question legitimate various forms of repression by established power. Those reasons, for those who lived in the twentieth century, fell out of the sky, and sent the trains to the barbed wire camps,