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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Second Wind: a poem by Karen Chamisso


First wind came out of the womb
Guzzling atmosphere like champagne
Bawling the certainty of self.
Second wind came out of recess
- a whistle, the line of girls
-the pecking order had my heart in its hands.
At midcourse I saw behind me
My blundering enemy Jane, flushed
With her evil weight and ways.
‘Where the foxe is earthed blow for the terriers
After the maner.” Birth of second wind
Out of the death of the fox
The wolf, and the deer.
I was by the tenth grade mistress
Of the breathing art, took my enemies three two one.
I was Coach's girl, until I discovered pot and cigs.
My second wind, my second wind
Another ghost howls in my wrack and wreck.

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