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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two euphorics: Mr. T and Stephanie's Id

I am feeling grim about the mouth lately. A sickness I caught in Georgia has left behind a persistent, puzzling headache and cough - and then of course there is the day to day living in Blackwater’s USA, Bush’s America, which is a puling, putrid kind of thing to do.

So I’ve been looking around for things to cheer me up. Here are two of them.

the first is my friend T., his wife Kiyoko, and his baby Takeo-chan here:

The second is this band, Stephanie’s ID. Just some kids in Asheville, NC making music – great garage music - instead of trying to make celebrity industry vampire music, eventually to be glued to some monster and useless product to make the joyless little suicide of a life enjoyed by the viewing audience that much more cluttered. This band is pure, and I love the voice of this woman, Stephanie Morgan.


northanger said...

hey. “Is it tough making enough love?” Yeah, it’s rough, people. You gotta sleep some. i love this song. & we love Takeo-chan!

so the other day i order The Last Mimzy on cable. after fiddling w/ the rewind button (cuz i have to get my snack) come back & get this error message. it can't send me the video anymore. i broke it! dropped the tv months ago (luckily not on my foot) ripping out the cable cable & had to jerry-rig the prong thingy to the back of the tv (sorta like dealing with a gloveless dick). call the cable company & Nick finally tells me just as i ordered this movie On Demand decides to fritz out. cuz now i can't get ANYTHING On Demand. eventually it comes back, so yesterday i decide to watch Last Holiday w/ Queen Latifah. but this one's free. her character's name's "Georgia", which has been synchronistically popping up lately. now i know why.

you must really really be as sick as a dog eating chinese pet food. get well soon.

Roger Gathmann said...

Ho ho - I just kept myself from writing a ps that said, North, you'll like this music! This woman has an amazing popsinging voice - she can belt and emote. And I love her earnest crew! I hope she comes to Austin. I've read enough of the bands you recommend in your posts to figure that you would like her.

My botch of a microbial best friend and doppelgaenger nags me on a low level all day, but the only real damage it is doing to me is ruining my toddy time. I make myself the grapefruit juice margarita, I get it out all nicely chilled from the freezer, I down it, and up comes the stupid headache. This is no fair! And a waste of good tequilla.

Hey, I've never heard of this Last Mimzy, which is unsurprising, since I am so out of the loop lately on movies that I've become a film hick. Although I did get some Soviet film to watch tonight - I've been editing a paper on soviet film, hence the Russo-cino-philia.

northanger said...

is Timothy Hutton in it? i just realized he's in both movies i mentioned. hmm.

grapefruit juice margarita. i'd like one. y'know the best drink i ever had was at the Brown Derby. one of those drinks popular back then. bartender asked, what's in it? i tell him. so he mixes it up & puts it in front of me in a martini glass. can't remember the drink but i do remember it wasn't served in that kind of glass. it was perfect.

have you ever had an amaretto sour? those are yummy. sloe gin fizz too.

anyway, lately i get an immediate migraine whenever i drink anything alcoholic.

when i think of where you live i think you have a dark blue velvet couch. this is probably wrong. so don't tell me!

northanger said...

ah! i remember: it was a Kamikaze.

northanger said...

w/ Cointreau.