Friday, June 28, 2024

Debate remarks - the obsolete versus the superannuated, round 1

 I'm not going to watch a debate between Trump and Biden. 

I'd rather spend an hour with someone raking their fingernails across a blackboard. 

But from what I have read, it is the expected disaster. An 82 year old man showed he was 82. Up too late, and apparently with a cold. 

The Democratic party has a "moderate" police force in the DNC, and that force hates primaries. It hates the idea that the incumbent be primaried. So gross! So 1968! 

The DNC doesn't understand so many things. Among them, the way elections work.

Elections, among other things, are a form of training. If a candidate doesn't train - especially an 82 year old whose last debate experience was four years ago - that candidate will suck in debate. Debate itself is, it must be said, always and forever stupid. It is set up as no debate should be, with superstar tv emptyheads shooting out questions of no complexity to superstar candidate emptyheads answering with the soundbyte provided by the overpaid campaign "consultant". One of Trump's undoubted advantages is that he doesn't care. Because the superstars in the media are often close friends with the campaign consultant honchos, this is always marked down as a weakness. It isn't. 

Campaign consultants have never starred in TV shows. 

Biden, I have long thought, will pull this out. I mean, Trump will be campaigning as a felon.

But maybe not. Besides abetting in the mass murder of Gazans, Biden blocked the Dems from nominating some younger sprite - some spring chicken 60some - to take on Trump. The results are turning out to be exactly what you might have expected. 

Now, roll the Godard credits. Except instead of fin du cinema - it is fin du monde.

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