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my contempt level is high, lately

  The anti-woke people peaceably lived through the Great Incarceration of african-Americans, the occupation of Iraq and the subsequent massacres, the disaster of Afghanistan, the fall of the cretinous financial system and its propping up, the massive amplification of inequality, the wave of suicides and overdose deaths that have made the US lifespan lower - although sometimes they sternly put themselves into opposition and "resistance" to Trump! - but they draw the line at changing a jot or tittle of Charlie and the Choc. Factory. One thing is turning a blind eye to the disasters that loom over us, and another thing is changing a nostalgia object, available in about 10 million copies. And why, they ask, are young wokesters so meeeann! Why, they are Stalinists! Me, I have to check my contempt levels lately. Cause they are bad.