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Legend 1. -           “Sander did not seek secrets behind the sitters.” From A captured Life , an essay by Ute Speck and Karin Wieland. -           “Food forms a person, like the air and the light in which he moves, the work that he accomplishes or doesn’t accomplish, then the special ideology of his class” – Alfred Doeblin, Vorwart, Antlitz der Zeit, August Sander (Transmare-Verlag, Kurt Wolff, München). -           We call them sitters, or the subject. The people who sit, or stand, who turn towards or look away from the camera. In English, a gap opens up in the discourse. The lexicon fails us. We echolocate there among words that only awkwardly name what we mean.   The subject – could be a flowerpot. The sitter – but what if they aren’t sitting? The poser – a term that has come loose from any kind of photography and painting to indicate an attitude. Models – but what if they come from daily life? How to distinguish a photographed person from a fashion model.   “sed-: in Latin