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cold war: the war without a real history

  During the Cold War, anti-communist historians were unanimous on one topic: the Communists were liars. Their statistics were lies, their trials were lies, the bones of millions in the Gulag testified to their lies In the period after the Cold War, the anti-communist historians made an exception to the rule. Ex KGB men and archives recording the opinion and testimonies of NKVD and KGB men were solid truths. Not a single exaggeration, not a story made up for social promotion, not a taint from lives otherwise dedicated to lying. Here, here was the truth. Here was the proof that lefties and softies in the West were in contact with, or on the payroll of, or otherwise spying for the Soviets. This went along with the blackmail by archive that helped Eastern European nationalists and conservatives sweep away the tainted socialists and their ilk. At the same time that the NKVD files were being studied, pilfered, and marketed to the highest bidder, the files in the West were being…. Well