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  Yawn is an ordered thing like heartbeat   or equation -or like the song you sing on occasion.   “Fetal yawing in amniotic fluid (like a fish’s yawn in water)” shows yawn is for the stupid and for dad’s smart daughter.   The Sybil in her cave is yawn in yawn a shiver like the pink and mauve King Crimson album cover   - Dad’s band, which made me sing “Da, da da da in the court Of the crimson king!” The Greeks thought you’d abort   The babe if you yawned in travail. Yawn blessing an after fuck is a sign seed’s prevailed - conception – good luck!   though woman’s side has never been told on that though. Yawn’s like has ever been the big O.   Condemned to wake through   night’s keep yawn, take my soul to tonic sleep. - Karen Chamisso                          


   I n the anglosphere, the philosophical discussion about the environment often tends to be about rights and rational choice. I think it was Anthony Giddens who pointed out that, within modernity, conversation about social matters in almost all spheres tends to translate things into a juridical vocabulary – one of rights. As a pragmatic matter, it might be the case that this is the best available way of presenting environmentalist causes. However, philosophically, I see a missing dimension here, which also helps us understand the social meaning of “nature”. This is the existential dimension in which the human and the other-than human are involved one with the other. In this dimension, there is more going on with such things as forests, animals, rocks, rivers, oceans, the sky, etc., than rights talk. In a wonderful essay, A person not completely like the others: the animal and its status (L’homme 1991 31(4) – which I don’t think has been translated into English, but should be - Serg