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seems like total destruction the only solution

 - Bob Marley The Real Situation The stories of Noah and Jonah in the Bible mirror each other to the extent that they seem variations of some deeper story, one sprung from the Apocalypse that happened at the very beginning of culture. The story of Noah is about a righteous man who is told that total destruction awaits the world. He is given the mission to save himself and his family and every living thing, which he does by building an ark. In the ark he is marooned from the deluge that destroys everything. So goes the best known part of the story. But what comes afterwards takes up as much time as the story of the ark in the Noah narrative. Once he lands, God makes a covenant with Noah and all living things to never again bring about total destruction. And then we are told that Noah planted grapes, and invented wine. On that wine he got drunk and uncovered himself in his tent. His youngest son went in andcovered him up. When Noah woke up, he cursed this son. He cursed him the way the


  A ghost town lives beneath the skin Of this metropole. Abandonment is lodged within each brick, block and pole   Coughs in the pipes, leaves skidmarks On the staircase wall Rustles in the pocket corner remarks Of your neighbors down the hall.   Mene mene tekel uparsin Says the Chinese fortune cookie. Yver is icumin in. We are all waiting here for delivery.   A pigeon sits on the roof of the burned out cathedral Here are the horses, child, and here is the steeple.