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For a special announcement - A Karen Chamisso poem

    “ Ceux qui  s'appliquent  trop aux petites choses   deviennent ordinairement incapables des grandes. ” Details drag us down - our epic lives in little teardrops drown   Ain’t nobody great in this joint? My lost shadow wants to make a point. Myself, I’m wondering whether fragments will do is it an angelic satisfaction to be true   to my interruptions? As a poet on the gal side as a citizen of my full-of-promise stride I’ve let the petites choses get under my skin - and now I’m gonna whisper to my tonic and gin.

The Causal Nexus and the American miracle belief

One of the funnier aspects of "objective journalism" is its relationship to causality. We live in a world that is well mapped out, on the micro level, by then statements. You throw a stone into a pond - a cause - and then waves spread out from the center. The specialness of America, however, interrupts this story for the journos. I noticed this often in the Iraq occupation. Although it was easy to see insurgency would happen, easy to see that the U.S. would respond as it always responds in low intensity warfare - by trying to save the lives of American troops, which inflicts much more casualties on those it is occupying , whilst trying to win their hearts and minds - and that this was obviously going to destablilize the place progressively - the journalists always had a conditional: maybe in the next three months things would get much better! Cause, miracles happen! A similar belief that the causal nexus shows mercy on American Goodness shows up in the reporting about the ele