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Showing posts from September 22, 2019

The old dispute: Obama and the depression

At one point, in the history of this blog, I decided not to write too much about the headlines. I got sick of talking about politics. Instead, I decided I'd write about economics, philosophy, literature, whatever - just not the news. Well, my readership plummeted, naturally, but I saved a little of that soiled rag I like to call my "soul". So fuck it. But I did keep writing about headlines elsewhere. I just read Ezra Klein's mushmouthed defense of the Obama regime, which seeks to shift the blame for its problems to Congress. This rewrites history in such a transparent way that  I went back to Facebook, where I have confined my political screams generally, and looked at what I wrote on Nov. 5, 2010 about the Dems losing Congress. Here's the Ezra Klein piece. And here is my response, from 2010: It is easy to see why the Dems were sh