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Blues on W.S. Merwin's obituary day

God will bless the porn stars And Blake’s chimney sweeps, equally “all the lonely people” Crying weep weep even creepily If we are not loved above Not even by a fiction Is there any use in standing straight Or correcting your diction? Or should I let the blood flow down my paddling paws Smothered in a chimney flue Or spastic in somebody else’s claws

parables for dummies: recent american history

Everything in the newspapers for the last year, or decade, or two decades, has been like a course in parables for dummies. And the beat goes on. So yesterday, a rich actress gets caught in a scheme to get her daughter into USC not through the old fashioned cheating way – donating to USC massively – but through the cheap way, faking her rowing credentials and bribing rowing coaches there to the tune of 500,000 smackers. Attention turned to the daughter, who is labeled – universally – a teen influencer. She runs an Instagram account among other things where she commoditizes every stubbed toe – bandaids from @amazon! She is outspoken on her account, writing things like:   “I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend … I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.” A prize student like that gets the extra treatment. On the day the Feds pulled the plug on her mom, she was off vacationing on the yacht of a billionaire named Rick Caruso – who just happens to be on the US