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encyclopedia of the second hand: Arrogance

Arrogance                                                                                                                                   1.      Sometimes   a   desire   will   detach   itself   from    you. Sometimes a   desire will become hard, impervious,   separate, like a ball, a   calculus, a cyst, and lay in you, automatic, wiggling its legs around like a dying bug.   That is what you feel in the nerve, that bug s movement.   It makes you sweat.   You   say   to   yourself I don t want to   obey.    You   say   to yourself   I won t obey.   Your internal dialogue sounds   like the   usual   script, the kind of thing that goes   on   in   the minds    of   criminals   and   prophets,   the   merry   band    of exhibitionists, voyeurs, addicts, beggars, sniffers,   heads, fetishists,   collectors, gamblers, veterans of   suicide   and moral cretins of all types. From Isaiah to Jack the   Ripper, from   Rimbaud to Gary

encyclopedia of the second hand: body

Talk about how much your body weighs, talk about how tall it is, name where it was born, name when it was born, tell the color of its eyes, tell whether it was vaccinated for small pox, polio, tuberculosis, or any other disease for which at the time it was six man was supposed to be prone, tell what language its tongue feels easiest with, its ear can take in the sounds of and not even notice how it puts them together back together as a thing said, even supposing that in the machinery there is reception and representation, even supposing the ear itself in its winding to hear pure sound without on the inside whatever you call the inside the context the mind the geist for God’s sake the attitude has already been set for semantics,  tell about its shoe size, waist size, neck size, all the way up from the little shoes it fit its little feet in fascinated with the little foot measure black with its degrees picked out and the little moving curved metal brace to roll up just to the toes and t