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becoming the way

Marc Soriano on his book, Les contes de Perrault, culture savante et tradition populaire: “Ai-je mené mon enquête, ou mon enquête m'a-t-elle mené?” A man tells this tale: in a chariot led by wise horses and celestial maidens, he comes to the portal of night and day and is there greeted by a goddess who cries out to him that he has left the beaten track of men. He describes neither himself, nor the horses, nor the maidens. But he does described the wheels of the chariot, and the sound they make going round on the axle. The goddess then proceeds to fill him in. There are two ‘routes’ of inquiry: that of what is, and that of what is not. Philosophers, enraptured by what is and what is not, have neglected the question that some more naïve inhabitant of roads, ways, trails, streets, pistes, sentiers, Wege, some vagabond, some pour lost soul, might ask – say a girl wearing a red hood, entering a forest and coming to two trails to her grandmother’s house. That question is – how is being,

Birthday playlist

I have been thinking that it is time to do a post about Parmenides, Jesus and Little Red Riding Hood - isn’t it always? – but instead, as this is my birthday, I think I’ll put up a playlist. 1. Nina Simone – this is an excellent birthday song: Feelin’ Good. Parataxis meets a horn section – how can I resist? 2. Les Rita Mitsouko – I’ve been obsessed with this group lately. And this lovely vid: Les Amants 3. Patti Smith – a song about the proper use of money – as an object of poetic revery. Free Money . 4. Bi-2 – The group that did the music for Brat – which is sorta bad, as that was a truly reactionary movie. But I’ve been obsessed with Russian music lately. Fellini 5. Nico Vega to dance to – Cocaine cooked my brain 6. James Brown – Ah, James Brown. Man’s World. 7. Prince – okay, a little song for dancing again. 1999 8. 2 Live Crew – Me so horny . Do I have to explain? 9. Dead or Alive. That’s the way I like it . Just because a song has to be folded, spindled and mutilated in this s