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Showing posts from August 31, 2008

the newest fade

Lenin claimed that the state would fade away in a society that achieved true communism. LI can’t say that we’ve achieved true communism, yet, but we are fading away – at least for a week or two. Fading to Mexico, through the storms we ride. So you will have to untie the intricate knots of the eighteenth century without me! My last posts, heavy with heaviness, like my Mozart posts, light with lightness, are the endpoints of the campaign. And I so wanted to get to external and internal voices, privacy, love, and the language of cats! Well, you will just have to figure that out without me. Lights out.

Weekend: the week in politics!

Of course, LI is getting tons of emails about our relative silence vis a vis the late breaking political developments. The convention. The crucial question of leadership and experience. The whole gender thing. We are speaking, of course, of the PS conference at La Rochelle, and whether Ségolène Royal or the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, take over the spot of first secretary of the party. Our heart is with Delanoë. We like the idea of confrontation, of getting in the face of the reactionaries in power. We dislike Royal’s idea that the PS has to extend peace feelers to the MoDem, of all feeble front organizations for a toothfairy solution to social problems. The dream of the Third Way should, by this time, have revealed itself clearly as the same old nightmare from which we are all trying to wake up. On the other hand, I like Royal as the face of the party. She did resurrect the corpse, which was shot by Jospin and his Blairing around ways. So, at the moment, I think Delanoë’s confro