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Friday, August 15, 2008

cooking liberally

Good old Julia Childs. In my roll of liberals who softened American manners and humanized its politics, Childs is up there, along with Rachel Carson and John Kenneth Galbraith and William Whyte and C. Wright Mills and James Baldwin and Martin Luther King, the Abstract Expressionists, Rauschenberg, the Black Mountain poets... oh, all under the shadow of the missiles. So now it appears that she, like Marcuse, was in the OSS.

Currently, my roll would include Amy Trubek, whose book, Taste of Place, I just reviewed. I don’t know if I expressed my true and heartfelt love for Ms. Trubek in the review – but I did my best. Here’s an interview with her. Somebody should give this woman a tv show.


Scissors MacGillicutty said...

Two things:

1. It's Julia Child. There is no 's' at the end of her surname.

2. Her service in the OSS was how she met her husband, Paul, and is old news.

Roger Gathmann said...

OOPS. Funny you should say that - in that very review, I cut off an "s" from the name of the author of the other book I was reviewing. So I guess I needed to add an s somewhere.

What does it mean when a man loses control of his s's, Scissors? Don't tell me I'm going to die - I want to live! Oh, but I can see this s disease spreading to all my letters, infecting my y's, my g's, my e's! I have so much still to say: for instance, eat your greens! Jaywalk like you mean it. Other useful things, too.