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Monday, July 28, 2008

links and a plea

Deviens ma proie

As per my last post, LI is not going to be posting too much this week. However, I would like to point our readers to the Wax works video mentioned by the mysterious Azazel616 in a comment to the Insects post. I love this sequence of vids.

Further, for those of you yearning and burning for the latest in French folky goth music with that saving touch of Peau d'Âne, you should hurry to see Claire Ditzeri’s Tableau de Chasse. It is the eternal story of man, woman, and huntin’, which ends with the lights out and Cupid turning back into the primal essence.

And hey, those of my readers who know or live in Chicago, could you help a guy out with opinions re the finer bars and diners? You know what I mean - the kind of places where a man can get his head knocked in for emitting incautious opinions about the, uh, political incompetence of Pilsudski.


Anonymous said...

LI, have a great trip! I don't know anything about Chicago so can't offer any tips. Though, it might be fun to go swimming or sailing in the lake.
Since LI is the go to place for French music, here are a couple of links. The first might go to the "orientation" thing. As for the second, let's just say, one can never get enough of Anna.


Roger Gathmann said...

Amie, have you seen the accordeoniste terroristique - Yoanna?


Superbus is tight in that vid you linked to!

Anonymous said...

No ideas about Chicago bars, although your daylight activities should definitely include checking out architectural landmarks designed by Adler and Sullivan.

I'm actually looking for a contact email address for Roger, if he is the Roger Gathman of Austin American Statesman book-reviewing fame. Couldn't find a "contact" link anywhere on the page.

Please contact me at

Marc Adler (yes, the Adler half of Adler and Sullivan was my great-great-grandfather, Dankmar.)

Roger Gathmann said...

Marc, I'll be in contact.