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Showing posts from November 7, 2004
Greed Liberals contrived a story in folk psychology that they have tried, with varying success, to hoist upon the hoi polloi since the muckraker days. In this story, the explanation for the inequality of wealth in America is that the member of governing class are greedy. Supposedly, some weird disparity in the greed quotient explains why bankers gouge third world countries, or scarf up the pension funds of retired airline employees. As a cartoon, this has a certain vividness; but as a reiterated rhetorical trope, it has ended up convincing only those who mouth it. The idiocy of the thing is two fold. First, the greed explanation is unlikely. The third world coffee picker or the black lung afflicted coal miner isn't less likely to be less greedy than the emerging markets manager -- they simply don't have the large scale opportunities to exercize their greed. We suspect that behind this unbelievable picture is another picture, that old myth of some chosen people -- the wor
Bollettino LI is in Albany. We don't have time for elaborate posts. We do have a post coming about greed -- as in, get rid of the "rich are greedy" template from the progressive stock of phrases. But we will get to that when we get to that. Instead, go, if you want to, to Locus Solus , which commented on LI's Snopes piece. We commented on their comment in their comments section.