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Showing posts from April 28, 2002
Dope Limited Inc has been in operation for almost a year now. And we've discovered that our readers want bold stands. They want LI out there on the barricades. They want no shirking. They want LI to march, martyr-like, into the burning issues of the day -- into the very heart of the pyre. This is why so many of you have written in -- flocks of you, herds of you, you know how you congregate out there, in the darkness, a murder of readers, sometimes we wake up and feel you out there, sometimes we really do -- written in to ask us point blank: was Macauley right about Francis Bacon ? You are, of course, referring to Macaulay's hundred page "review" of Basil Montague's edition of the works of Francis Bacon. Macaulay wrote it in Calcutta, and saw it published by the Edinburgh Review in July, 1837. Like many other of Macaulay's essays, it had an electric effect after it was published. The Victorians always did things on an imperial scale: While LI is happy if
Remora Among the more remarkable purveyors of nonsense about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is, surprisingly, Ron Rosenbaum. His Edgy Enthusiast column in the NYObserver has gone over the edge. We'd like to remind Mr. Rosenbaum that Enthusiast was a code word, in the enlightenment, for Bigot. The underground work of connotation is slow, but apparently sure. In two columns of invective and malignly erroneous analysis, on April 15th andApril 29th, Rosenbaum has been going on about the second holocaust, an idea he cops from that great social commentator, Philip Roth. The idea is that in Europe and the MiddleEast, the dark machinery is clanking that will be put in place to eliminate Jews wholesale. This explains the sympathy of the Europeans for the PLO, and their blindness to the David-like qualities of the present Israeli Commander inChief, Sharon (a man of peace, as our own commander in chief has admiringly opined). Now to present a thesis like this, Rosenbaum has to ov
Remora A story in the Biz section of the NYT about the conflicted interests of the banks that are presiding over the anatomy lesson taking place over Enron's corpse : "In a Manhattan bankruptcy court, where hundreds of lawyers are trying to carve up what remains of Enron, the first order of business is finger-pointing � and many of the fingers are pointing at J. P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup.With billions of dollars at stake, many creditors question whether the two Wall Street giants can represent their interests when, they contend, the banks helped cause many of Enron's financial problems in the first place. Some are even asking that the banks be thrown off the 15-member committee responsible for determining what is owed to Enron shareholders, lenders, employees and thousands of others left in the lurch by Enron's collapse. The banks are the subject of government investigations and private lawsuits over their role in structuring off-balance-sheet partnerships
Dope Burke, when speaking of the Gordon riots -- a series of London anti-Catholic riots targeting the relief of the Penal laws against Catholic property holders in Britain -- used the wonderful phrase, " the midnight chalk of incendiaries" to refer to the crude, grafitti driven style of jacquerie populism. I love the phrase partly because of the violence it both encodes and expresses -- the violence with which a higher literacy, or at least a more clerically orthodox one, meets a lower literacy, scrawling with its chalk, or spraying with its paint cans, the complaint of the day. The Gordon riots are in their way a perfect example of popular anger harnessed to the worst and most reactionary forces in history. That's the force that drives the Lepeniste, the Peronist, the Fascist, and every black shirted factotum that stalks the street, lead pipe in hand. Often, of course, the black shirt is hidden beneath the policeman's blues. But LI also knows something else