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Thursday, June 11, 2020

The meatmarkets I have seen

The meatmarkets I have seen
- Karen Chamisso

Birdsong pulled a labyrinth from my ear.
The birds have their nests, the foxes their holes
who will live with me
in the maze?

Wind and unwind, turn and turn back.
The heroes were netted and dispatched.
I stepped on a crack and a dynasty died.
Their ghosts follow me to this address.

A centerfold is at the center of it all.
O land of cockayne, free drinks and pussy!
To every sailor and peasant, tonight:
Tenderloin, tenderloin, the sirens sing.

‘The gates and yssues of this town are kept with watch and wards.”
Ariadne’s blues echo in the common pissoir.
My tears, my tears flow riverwards.
Jack comes to my  bed to bone ce soir.

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