Yes, it is war

The headline of Le parisien saddens me: cette fois, c’est la guerre. It saddens me because it implies that France has not been at war. While, in fact, you cannot bomb territories and your foreign minister cannot keep saying we are at war with DAECH or ISIS without being at war. This is what war looks like.

You can be for the war or against the war, but it has been war for a while, indisputably. As so often , the wars have been  fought according to the old presumption of colonial war: the front is over there in the distance. But this simply isn’t true any more.   Drone some Yemen wedding, bomb Isis, but don’t think that the forces who’ve been armed to the max by the worldwide flow of arms – none of which are of Middle eastern manufacture - are powerless to respond on your home territory.  This isn’t about moral equivalency, it is simply about the way wars are fought.  The irresponsibility of populations who finance huge war machines and let their presidents play with them, play with military forces that are not longer even drafted, leads to an indifference that will blow up in our faces as we dine at a café
I truly, naively believe that if populations connected to the elites that have monopolized and made foreign policy irresponsive to the popular will – if, in fact, the popular will was sending its sons and daughters into the military, and sacrificing their lifestyles to war – there would be less hobby wars. Wars that are the hobby of this or that engaged group.
This time is, really, only the successor of a long time in which war has been going on. So wealthy is France, or any of the developed countries, that wars have become things waged in the peripheral vision. But this is the path that leads to an uncontrollable influx of armed men from those distant theaters, or trained there, into the major metropoles to kill as many people as possible.


northanger said…
Never been so glad to see a post by you. Are you still in France?

Happy and safe mojo to the family.
Roger Gathman said…
Thanks, North. We are in the US at the momment, North, and have rented out our apartment which is pretty much equidistant from the killing ones - a couple of blocks to the North, Bataclan, over to Beaumarchais, where I get bread sometimes from this great boulangerie, over to the southeast, where the Carrillon is. It is my backyard. I think they would have gone down Rue des Archives except that it is too narrow - I notice they chose routes that were relatively wide, so as not to get blocked in. Madness.
Roger Gathman said…
killing zones, that is.
northanger said…
Watching Paris time and you're in the US. Figures.

:) I'm happy you're all safe. I can sleep now.