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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

ethics are for losers: one of the factotums of the behemoth speaks

I love this sentence: "Just one more note of caution before we descend down the rapids of morality and ethics." It was written by a man who went up those rapids, Mr. "brutal questioner" Philip Mudd, to caution us all about getting sniffy about the torture tactics of his agency, the CIA. After all, we were so so scared. So torture was fine. If you are so so scared and you have a naked man in front of you to whom you can attach electrodes, it is all right, cause you are so so scared! Would he do it now? No, cause he isn't so so scared. Well isn't that a relief! It is waht makes America a wonderful country. Actually, it is the same argument that worked in post-Pinochet Chile to keep the fingerpointin' at bay.
Anyway, I'm so happy that we are treating the time when we were so so scared with the proper respect. On to criticizing Putin (or x, y, or z - Israel, Pakistan, Iran, etc._ for his human rights violations. They are nasty and not like our human rights violations, which only occur when we are so so scared. It is like then it is olly olly outsanfree and you can torture your terrorist enemies and hold them without trial in holes for decades.

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