10 years after our excellent adventure in Iraq!

Ah, the tenth anniversary of our brave, brave, brave liberation of Iraq! There's a private monument to that in my own little monkey heart - I think it marked the beginning of my awareness of just how lost I was in an American culture I no longer recognized at all. Of course, it also marked a symbolic change under which the U.S. still blunders. The age of Bush continues, unabated in the minor epoch of the supposedly 'liberal' O., he of the grand bargain, the dispenser of unparelleld welfare to Wall Street and unparalleled non-prosecution by his justice department of any and all bank enacted frauds, the dronemaster whose Defense department, by all accounts, worked as hard as it could to retain troops in Iraq - just like we all used to accuse Bush of planning. This recent story in the NYT about sums up the age of the souring of the American promise:http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/15/business/younger-generations-lag-parents-in-wealth-building.html?_r=0

The NYT title is bland on bland, but the import is clear: the gross and pernicious inequality of wealth combined with patching the lack of wage increases for a generation with greater access to credit is producing a much poorer generation. And this massive social fact bores all parties in D.C. to tears.

My raven's croak, here, will not budge the night. Which makes me increasingly weary of croaking.