I’ve been meaning to link to this for some time. Thanksgiving marks the start of the shopping-time, although as we all know, the charge it spirit is a little weak this year. Anyway, my friend Kiyoko, a jeweler in NYC, has started her own biz. I like her jewelry, I like her eye for minutia, I like her energy, I like her sense of what hangs and sparkles and needs to have an eye cocked at it – I like her intuition of the inner human Bird. Check out her site at Bookat NYC if you - oh fashion mavening reader – feel like buying jewelry. I should figure out how to put a picture on my sidebar for her. I should know how to do these things!


northanger said…
lovely rainbow.

happy thanksgiving mr li!
roger said…
Happy Thanks to you too, North! I'm glad you liked the rainbow.

So I was trying to figure out from your blog - do you have a dog named Lilly, now? Where's the pics, man! In the future every pet, as Andy Warhol (the pekinese) once said, will be famous for fifteen minutes.
northanger said…
my niece says it costs too much to send a cellphone pic. i am like so totally bummed.