all about foodviews

LI reader's might be interested in my review of two food books here. Hmm, the title of the review is a little more scary than what's inside - it is all about foodviews!

I have high hopes for this review. If it catches the eye of some soul on the board of education, maybe it will suggest that the U.S., or at least Austin, should imitate the French and institute a semaine du goût. The American descent towards obesity and diabetes, which stems from our agribusinesses and inequalities, cannot be overturned by teaching children to look at taste before quantity or energy (sugar), but it can't hurt.


Brian said…
The second author sounds like an ideological mirror soulmate of the Michelle Malkin who boycots Duncan Donuts because of the headscarf worn in an advertisement :)
roger said…
Poor guy. I'm attacking him in a family newspaper, and he probably only expected to be reviewed in the Journal of something something something, vol 1009, 25. I feel a little guilty giving a negative review to someone who isn't prominent. I've tried to curb the executioner in my soul. But what can I do, Brian? It was bad, man.
Brian said…
F3eed, the executioner, roger, feed it. You wanna talk about a profession with great prospects. :)