Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lady Bitch Ray, in excelsis dea

For reasons unknown, suddenly Lady Bitch Ray fans have suddenly started flocking to Limited Inc – and no doubt leaving disappointed, as we don’t have the fabulous nude pics. But – never fear! Here's a link to one of the Bitch’s great moments on Austrian TV.

We have sent letters in to get Kino Fest to invite Lady Bitch Ray for her first English appearance – to no avail. What is sad is that, of course, you could get her to come relatively cheaply, now, but in a couple of years, Lady Bitch Ray can ask her own price.

Yes, LI is ahead of the curve in wanting Lady Bitch Ray to extend her empire to the Anglosphere. According to Bild:

Sie beherrscht insgesamt sechs Sprachen, kann neben Deutsch und Türkisch auch noch Portugiesisch, Französisch, Englisch und Latein.

How do I love this woman? Well, a little below the Queen B, of course, but she is rising in my estimate every day! Although – confession – I’m not as happy with Mein Weg as Ich hasse dich, or, joy of joys, Deutschland siktir.

For all your Lady Bitch Ray news, go to the Lady Bitch Ray shrine.



Chuckie K said...

Jo mei, Duud. Reine Leistungstraeger san des.

Chuckie K said...

Roger, You are scaring me here. Webworld is too small. I know the lady's Doktorvater. For real.

roger said...

You mean the chairman of her committee?

How cool, duuuud! Oh, I want an autograph!!!!

Most of the people coming to this site, in the past four days, want the pic of Lady Bitch Ray's demi ass jupe - I'm not sure why. It is available on her myspace page. I'm still hoping, though, that I can represent LBR in the U.S. - you know, start her fan club, be the president and shit.

Chuckie K said...

If you read the Speigel-Online article, yes, I once shared office space with Wolfgang. Unfortunately, that was in a previous life. Not the last one, or the one before that, but the third life before this one.

Now I really regret not having clawed my way into the scientific career. I probably would have met the Lady already. In her scientific capacity, to be sure.

After the Nestroy debacle (if only you had acquired the myspace page. That's where the kids tell me they were all going) I think the U.S. LBR franchise would recoup some losses. I mean, she designs her own fashions, there's the internet tv-show to syndicate, potential tie-ins to the movie. When I say Leistungstraeger, I mean Leistungstraeger!

roger said...

Hey, I'm not trying to make Geld off the Lady - I'm just want her to call me a geile Mensch.

Brian said...

Gosh, I wish I understood German. Gimme a hint, why was she abusing the poor schlub on the television show? Can you imagine that happening on American television?

roger said...

She is calling him hot - doing an old feminist trope, turnabout is fair play. The gals call the boys hot, act as though they are the judges, etc. Which lrb likes to do a lot.

Brian said...

Ah...he sure acted "insulted" then! :)

Chuckie K said...

According to the online press accounts, the Lady and the Pundit of Culture shared a cab. She 'tested his sense of humor' and found it absent. On air, as you can see, he was on first and, apparently prior to the beginning of the linked clip, trashed her. His getting in the first licks like that angered her. You saw the outcome. I believe that before she tosses the water she claims that in the taxi she had determined that a certain part of him is very small. On the video it is not entirely clear that she is in fact speaking about his sense of humor.

P.M.Lawrence said...

Is she calling him hot... or warm? (I'm sure you know the German idiom.)

dina said...

hi there..
how funny to see she s got some wild admirers in the US!!!
also congrats on your post regarding the "Willkommen Österreich" show. in a few of her other shows including Spiegel I was not sure whether I got her "right". she was adorable on Willkommen, and her intelligence could shine through :))
i doubt the US is ready for her though! Germany isn't, and it s a pretty liberal country except for Bavaria :)

best rgds
ps how come you guys know German? learnt it at school and/or German roots?