a medical question

Democrat Proposes Making Withdrawal Date Secret
Only Congress, White House and Iraqi Government Would Know Plan
- Headline, Washington Post

I'm pretty sure repeated bouts of convulsive, sardonic laughter have been implicated in lung cancer. So, if the good citizens of Mississippi can take AJ Reynolds for ten billion or so, do you think LI can sue WAPO for, say, 100,000 plus a gift card at the good for a lifetime supply of xanax?


Scruggs said…
That was my treeehouse policy when I was eight! O' the memories! Roger, at the time I was convinced that many of the other children had cooties. Some of them had insufficiently distanced themselves from the sixties, for example. My friend Mikey and I were on to them youbetcha. Anyway, what we did was cut a whole bunch of brush -- but not the way the president does -- put it over the sidewalk and made our friends promise that they would pretend it was actually a copse, which concealed the sidewalk!

Strangely, we never did get around to building the treehouse :-(

The Herman boys, whom we called objectively pro-Munster (a play on "monster", which was pretty clever, I think), ridiculed us mercilessly, but where are they today, eh? Anyway, Mikey bites the heads off chickens now, for the MLA, and I write a column for The Economist, a vastly different pursuit, but we're still friends -- so all's well that ends well.

About your lawsuit, Roger, my cousin Dicky is the man you want.
roger said…
Dicky Scruggs! Mistah Scruggs, you are everywhere. This is probably not good, because if you are everywhere, than you must have total liability. Meaning: you wrote that headline, you old devil!

They's tryin' to kill me boys, but I won't let em!