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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mistah Scruggs ties the knot

Congratulations to Mistah Scruggs, who is to the squirrels of this era what Davy Crockett was to the bears of his, on the announcement of his upcoming marriage.

I am a little worried about the impact of this marriage on the Scruggs+Limitedinc+Gulf and Western high end adult entertainment business. I hope the bride to be understands that we are only in the business of creating quality cinema for muscular liberals (with your favorite stars, like Peter Beinart, Nude Model) because, well, because WE CARE.

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T. V. said...

Most backwoods communities of my childhood acquaintance have a rather minimalist ceremony: the bride puts the dead squirrel on the ground, the bride and groom jump over it together. Then they punch each other into oblivion.

I get nostalgic for that kind of simplicity from time to time.