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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Basho of economics

No doubt, this is of no interest to anybody but me. So, excuses in advance. But ... guess what? The book I translated - the Basho of Economics, by Silja Graupe - has been accepted by the Ontos Press. Publication, boys and girls!

So allow me to be totally gross for a second and quote from the acceptance letter. This is so gross I advise you to shield your eyes and come back to Limited Inc when I have something better to lay before you.

Here it is. The quote. Our acceptance letter. Ha ha ha!

I just had a look at the translation. As I expected, Roger did a truly outstanding job--the result is faithful to the 'intellectual feel' of the original yet reads as smoothly and lively as an original text (and the technical terminology is recaptured expertly, with great precision and sensitivity--congratulations to both of you, Roger and Silja, to the splendid result of your intense and dedicated collaboration on this project!)

Life is good. The champagne's on me. How much is it a bottle again, bartender? ...


T. V. said...

Congratulations, Roger! I'm pretty sure this sort of thing can get you bumped from happiness coachee to mid-level coach, at least, if you happen to belong to a pod at the moment.

Amerigo Sciurofascista said...

I'm a little confused by all this. Are you suggesting that you're going to get paid?! Well then, congratulations on that and on your project, if such sentiments are appropriate. I can't reach the bar from here, but I will chase the dragon a little in your name.

roger said...

Translation isn't a trade to get rich in. But the book is solid, and translating it taught me a lot, and hell - I try to be a veritable bumble bee of culture, carrying pollen where I can,

Now, where's that champagne?

Amie said...

LI, that's quite the acceptance letter, congrats!

roger said...

Thanks, amie! That letter tickled my ego.

Though I want to be a sage this year, I want to be a sage with an ego. I figure, don't leave home without it!