a monster loses in CT

Mr. Scruggs has advised Limited Inc. of the bad effects of shooting up elections. Soon you become addicted. Soon you actually think they are important. He’s counseled the hard cases, the ones eventually found sprawled, bluefaced, dead, under the set blinking and winking the CNN news. All my friends they died/died! as the song says. But LI –in a junkie’s relapse – was pretty happy about the CT. primary. In the end, we even felt sorry for Lieberman – we wanted his ass kicked, but that clueless fellow, out of his D.C. shell, in the pictures in the NYT seemed so … harmless. We couldn’t put him together with the vicious little prick from his identikit presence on so many blogs, getting his aids to write him up another scorcher for the WSJ editorial page, browbeating the head of the SEC to give accounting firms one more chance to defraud investors and workers – instead, here’s this guy with his hand out in the diner I used to breakfast at in New Haven. You want to lead him to a booth.

Of course, this is the whole problem of democracy, one not often talked about – the elected by a mysterious process become monsters. Their egos become huge and grotesque, Mr. Hydes, stamping around with a cane, pillaging, hobnobing with the worst, vicariously enjoying death. The monster problem is the central problem in democracy – and Carl Schmitt is not the guy you want to go to to have it all explained to you. Try Richard III, instead.

But there are better monsters and worse ones. We know what Lieberman was. Lamont sounds harmless, and he might do some good, who the fuck knows.

In any case: Hurray!

Although I dread the morphine treatment Mistah Scruggs will make me go through in the next coupla weeks.


The word on the street is that Joe is going to ditch Hadassah and rebrand himself by marrying Paris Hilton. The announcement will be made at an educational reform symposium, where Bill Clinton and Lynne Cheney will set aside their differences to work on getting Marxists out of the literature faculty. None of that has anything to do with your morphine treatment, however. Dr. Benway and I expect you at the regular time.
roger said…
Ah, Mr. Scruggs, how little you know Paris! Ms. Hilton has not climbed to the top by associating herself with the likes of the Independent Senator from Connecticut - or as she might put it, are you out of your mind??!! No, the monster in Joe is determined to make this a last stand -- shaking the warmongering puppet up and down the hills and dales of Connecticut. I expect some more scorching WSJ op eds from the monster, and the usual rhetorical trick of transforming an odious, powermad trip into a crusade for idears. Joe will be all about idears.

But will the accounting PACS be there when he needs them?