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Monday, May 22, 2006

another hero

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Those who want to read something that gets to the heart of the heart of the court mindset in D.C. should really check out this Stuart Rothenberg post. Rothenberg is a professional political person -- it is his job, by analysing, consulting and advising, to help politicians sit on the collective face of America. But the Coonnecticut Democratic convention that allowed Lieberman to be challenged by Ned Lamont has disturbed him greatly. The people have a function, and that function, which defines them, is to overwhelmingly re-elect the Politburo. When the people violate their function, are they even people at all? It is the great cry of the rulers throughout the ages: Are there no workhouses, no prisons, in which to store these wretches? If this is what democracy is, perhaps we should have a system where the loser in an election – if he has the Right Stuff – should be proclaimed the Winner. It worked in 2000, didn’t it?

The passion in this post is moving. It would take a reader with a heart of stone not to shed copious tears for Joe Lieberman-as-Galileo-Bruno-n-John Brown:

“Lieberman’s crime is that he hasn’t always toed the party line. He’s decided for himself what’s right and wrong, even — and here is the most shocking thing — used his own values, judgment and intellect to decide where he stands on issues and how he’ll vote.

Lamont’s criticism has resonated with some Democrats around the state and online. The war is unpopular with Democrats in Connecticut, as it is elsewhere, and many voters are unhappy with Lieberman’s general support of President Bush’s Iraq policy.

It doesn’t seem to matter to those angry Democrats, or to Lamont, that Lieberman is widely respected for his thoughtfulness, integrity, civility and intellect. Or his overall voting record.”

My god. That respect, which echoes from Georgetown to K street, has been all over Fox News, and dances like sugarplums in the heads of the great thinkers at the Pentagon, is being trampled by a buncha fucking mugwumps in Connecticut who somehow got past the guards. Rothenberg's instincts -- as a father, a patriot, and a bouncer -- are charged:

“It isn’t just that Lieberman is a centrist, however, that makes the primary challenge to him unseemly. Not all centrists deserve to be re-elected any more than all liberals or all conservatives do. Rather, it’s the Connecticut Democrat’s stature and character that, in another day, would make a primary challenge to him by a former Greenwich selectman laughable.”

Yes, it isn't a belief system -- Rothenberg is so right. A belief system is to be trotted out only during the short time when one has to appear before the peasants and get their applause. Then, centrist, rightist and leftists can like down with the corporate lambs, with the wise old heads in foreign policy, with journalists who have established reputations, probity, and decide to do what is good for the country. Into this company wander a pinhead from Greenwich? Laughable - or disgusting. Why can’t we change the law the teensiest bit so these flies and maggots can’t challenge the stature and character, the deep, deep thinking of such as Senator – or shall I say Senator for Life? Joe Lieberman.

Rothenberg - a hero of democracy in our time.


Brian Miller said...

I am moved to tears, roger. Tears, I tell you. I am increasingly wondering if we shouldn't just chuck the Republic. Reinstall the Divine Right of Kings, with a Senate composed of only the most genteel scions of robber barons and weapons dealers and muderous spy masters. Maybe if our lords felt they "owned" the country, they would take care of it better. Abolish citizenship, bring back serfdom!

roger said...

Brian, I know I'm behind the times -- but I just read this article, and I thought, gosh, if one of our D.C. barons does have to retire -- big Don Rumsfeld -- Bush has a perfect replacement:

A regional trial court judge in Malabon who was relieved by the Supreme Court on a question of his mental condition has asked to be reinstated to his post.
In a 79-page motion for partial reconsideration, Judge Florentino Floro Jr. of Malabon RTC Branch 73 also sought the disqualification of the six doctors who declared him mentally impaired after he admitted that he is gifted with psychic powers and is a friend to three dwafts. Instead, he asked for the appointment of an impartial panel of doctors that should determine his true mental state.
In his one-inch thick pleading, Floro quoted several lines from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in asking the SC to take a “benign second look” at its decision.

According to the judge, the amended Rule 140 in the Rules of Court never included “weirdness, healing, psychic phenomena and the like as grounds for discipline."

Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. said...

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[11:30p.m. August 30//Wednesday, 2000] --- By Reyster and Rey Langit
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JUNE 23, 2000 – By Josie Sison
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V. KONTROBERSYAL: “Psychic Judge”
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On April 6, 2006, the Philippine Supreme Court RELIEVED (separated - it did not dismiss) me from judicial service, and paid me 3 years backwages, by reason of PSYCHOSIS, a medical incapacity - because I allegedly believed in dwarves, angel of death, inflicting sicknesses, healing, prophecy, psychic phenomena and (in writing) predicted the downfall of 13th Philippine President Joseph Estrada (on December, 1998) who was ousted by people power on January 20, 2001. [Vide: Court Decision penned by M. Justice Minita Viray-Chico Nazario, 75 pages, March 31, 2006 in: A.M. No. RTJ-99-1460 http://www.supremecourt.gov.ph/jurisprudence/2006/mar2006/A.M.%20No.%20RTJ-99-1460.htm.

This is the FIRST time in world judicial history that this happened. The American and other Constitutions provide for dismissal or removal of judges, jurists and magistrates because of graft, corruption, misconduct, or bad behavior; but resignation - only for those medically incapacitated. In the Philippines, this is the FIRST --- for since 1901, our Court never ever dismissed or removed a judge because of belief in the paranormal, religion and psi. Hence, REUTERS, AFP, AP, ASIAN REPORTER, MSNBC, MY WAY News, NEW24.com, ABC NEWS ONLINE, GULF TIMES, 7DAYS, AE, BUZZSPREE.COM, Foreign BLOGGERS, THE DAILY JUDGE, or a total of 1000++ foreign REPORTS, NEWS, BLOGS and 14 Philippine News Headlines, covered - REPORTED – the said LANDMARK DECISION (on April 7 & May 6, 2006, until today).



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