Elephant King - Go

LI’s future murderer, Seth Grossman, is showing his film, Elephant King, in the Tribeca Film Fest. There’s a showing at Sat 4/29, 3:00pm Regal Cinemas Battery Park 11, one Tue 5/02, 10:00pm AMC Loews 34th Street 14, and one Sun 5/07, 10:00am
AMC Loews Lincoln Sq 5. Seth’s totally offensive sense of humor , narcissism, and ability to entangle himself with weirdos should certainly make him a fave for anybody who reads this site! He’s up for various awards, which range from 5-8 months at Rikers to aftercare with a sex therapist for at least 2 years under the supervision of his parole officer (chemical treatment and plethysmograph to be administered on court order).

Here’s an interview with him, and of course, his site is listed on our blogroll.

So a big shout out to NYC – check it out.


Setholonius said…
Thanks Roger -- my hand is tired from pumping flesh, my lips ragged from kissing ass, but my spirit lives on! Huzzah!

(at some point I'll have to write something coherent about the weird and exhilarating experience that has been this premiere.)
new york pervert said…
setholonius--very cool, congratulations and all best wishes!
roger said…
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