fundraising and t shirts continued

PS -- after this went to press, Harry informed us that our illustration was a very rough sketch. See his comment for more.

As we said a few days ago, LI is going to make another stab at fundraising a la the public radio way. Our friend Harry from Scratchings sent us the above design for the tshirt. (Sorry if it is a bit blurry). He also told us some stuff about pricing and sizing, suggesting the t shirts go for $30 and over, and that the logo be put either on the back or on the shirt pocket. Actually, we 'd like more comments about this.

The public radio model of fund raising is, we admit, a little bland and smarmy. KUT in Austin raises bucks with a bit about how you should imagine that there was no public radio – such an apocalyptic vision would presumably put you in such a sweat that you’ll be making out checks like mad. Well, LI has no similar grip on the throat of the world spirit. We live on our non-necessity, like a drug habit. We’d like this fund raising bit to be more in line with the Stop Snitchin’ movement, as featured in the NYT the other day:

The adoration of the outlaw is a durable feature of American culture, giving us romantic images of authority-defying individuals from Billy the Kid to Tony Soprano. And maybe this attraction has something to do with the recent and rather controversial success of a Boston clothier called Antonio Ansaldi, which has sold more than 10,000 T-shirts featuring a big red stop sign and the slogan "Stop Snitchin'."

Stop Snitchin' T-shirts are popular among young men in inner-city neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Jersey City and elsewhere - not just the shirts that Antonio Ansaldi makes but also a host of variations and knockoffs. Snitching, of course, refers to giving information to law enforcement that might result in an arrest for, say, drug dealing or murder. Last year, a DVD that circulated in Baltimore gained nationwide notoriety for showing self-professed drug dealers making explicit threats against snitches. Apparently opposition to cooperating with the police - and, by extension, to the rule of law itself - has a constituency. The Web site for Antonio Ansaldi features a group of unsmiling young African-Americans wearing the shirts under a graffiti-style sign reading, "Stop Snitchin': The Movement."

Unfortunately, the outlaw element of the Dopamine Cowboy Movement has not yet reached the attention of the gendarmerie, so don’t expect any similar, exciting drama from these shirts. No confronting the nightsticks of nativism, no being pulled over and harrassed. Sorry. But we suggest that you wear these shirts with sunglasses and an unsmiling demeanor, just to piss people off.

As for the contributions: you can use the Paypal thing. Or you can send checks to Roger Gathman, 615 Upson, #203 Austin Texas 78703. The main thing is to get your address to us.


Deleted said…
Roger, I'm not done tweaking the text! That image was to give you a rough idea of what I had in mind. Oh, misery! Oh, woe! Here is the second iteration, and I still have concerns about the text.

One naturally hesistates to threaten to commit suicide over simple things like this, or rail endlessly in comment boxes, but. . . Roger! we need to work on this, get it right and make sure people have the chance to buy something that's nice in addition to what it does for LI's benefit.

I have to go lie down now, and perhaps have a soothing shot of dilaudid, but I do hope we can work this towards something that is not just the PBS style of semi-okay crap. Email me, seek feedback from people who know something about text -- I most certainly do not -- and let's get something good!
Brian Miller said…
Could you maybe offer a retrospective DVD from a fading 1973 folk-rock band Roger? To really get into the spirit of the PBS thing. :)
roger said…
Harry, I can see I'm straining your nerves, man! Sorry. I should emphasize that this is an approximation. I'll change the text to refer to your comment, c'est ca.

Hey, but knowing myself, if I don't put something up, I'll never do this. So, at least this is a start.

And yes, Brian, Peter, Paul, Mary, Bonzo, Drosophilia, and Alan Ginsberg 's famous album, Buzzing for your love, is under consideration as a sendout.
roger said…
PS -- perhaps we should skip the shirt, the album, and go straight for a dilaudid giveout? Hmm, I suppose there might be a few pesky legal issues there...
Deleted said…
While the dilaudid handout does do much for the LI "look and feel", I'm afraid the legal issues you mentioned would cause unnecessary stress. Here's yet another iteration in my relentless effort to. . . well, I'm not sure. But the logo and text are on a t-shirt template this time.
Deleted said…
People will want to know how they'll look in an LI shirt. I got a friend to model an earlier version for me. I think he's never looked sharper. He's ready to model the final version, too.
roger said…
You forgot to mention that these t shirts enlarge your muscles x 4 -- as per the model.

If your muscles don't grow bigger, there is always the 400 dollar per bottle Limited Inc steroid fixer upper, guaranteed by several select committees in the House! increase your batting average, shrink your testicles (for you guys out there) or grow them (for you gals) and discover the joy of sudden blinding rage -- all at a price you can afford.
Deleted said…
My buddy there also helps out in the collections department of my organ harvesting business. His work gives new meaning to word "deadbeat".

Also, I've been thinking about the text. Does the shirt really need any?