begging, second week

Some Begging

Those who pledged last week – and those who want to pledge to keep this site alive! (to use the overheated sales technique of public radio) can now look at the Café press site. The link is café

Please contribute – we have items for the top of your list of bric a brac and the bottom. Eventually, I will be putting a little book up in the shop – LI according to topics. That is, if there is any demand for such a thing. Café press can apparently print up texts, glue covers to em, and send them out. Just the thing to give a friend, an enemy, or someone who needs that special five inches of support to fit under a wobbly table.

And … in one way or another … who doesn’t need a special five inches?


Fr. Hensilé said…
I like your appeal much better. The public radio appeals are delivered by the kind of people who think it's funny to great each other with their high school cheerleading cries. They drink sherry and vomit on potted plants. Public radio was deliberatley designed to show people socialism doesn't work. Who, after all, can take any joy from a community supported venture that's effectively a patronage network for people who wear docksiders, and proudly pay extra for crackers provided they're called "wafers"?
Patrick J. Mullins said…
If you're going to go into the 'inches' business, you may need to sometimes use 'an extra five inches' instead of 'special', as 'special five inches' is sort of art-for-art's-sake and 'extra five inches' is more 'what people want'. If you know what I mean...Otherwise, you may wish to produce an 8-inch book.
roger said…
Patrick, speaking of inches, one of the searches that invariably lands on this site is the one for nine inches will please a lady, a Burns song that I happened to mention at some point. Apparently it is still popular with teenage boys. Culture lives on!