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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

not dead yet front

PS -- re my states rights and liberals post. Somebody gets it! Amazing. The Tapped crew does express certain electrical impulses in the D.C. Democratic brain. Maybe these will actually bloom into a thought.


Deleted said...

I'm guessing abortion will be preserved in socially liberal states at the cost, nationwide, of what remains of the IV Amendment. Free to abort, free to be inspected for moral purity at any time. The Dems will cave on everything as long as they can plausibly claim to have fought for abortion.

winna said...

It's too late for claims about fighting for abortion, because the Democrats have proved themselves giddily eager to sell us for some Sang Real of 'centrism'.

Women don't vote, doncha know. God loves the blastocysts!

roger said...

Winna, a truly beautiful slogan! "God loves the blastocysts!"
What I fear is just what the TAP people point out -- not only the overthrow of Roe, but the enforcment of a federal Christian right standard (an embryo bill of rights, doncha know -- I can just hear Tom Delay's tongue wrap around the phrase) on all the states. These people have the power. But only until we get smart enough to realize that we, really, have the power. How long will that take?