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Monday, October 05, 2020

Lord Rochester

“Such sweet, dear, tempting devils women are”
- of which your hands were by phantoms fathom’s full
Who cursed cunts for coyness but couldn’t dull
your blade to live in any way but as the harmful ham
without ‘em. What is it in your natural history
that makes misogyny the answer to the mystery?
As though drownded dead in some punk’s bawdry curse
You ended, as they all do, dangling and disgorged
Your proud sword all (ha ha,) unforged.
“Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?”
Peerless peers, your society is hella boring
Going to the devil, fucking and snoring.
Lord Rochester, highchurch atheist, didn’t you see
That Bunyan had you in his slough of despond
And God was all the cunt where you were lost and found.
- Karen Chamisso

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