a little dream of nixon

We are traveling in the Boulder Denver area this weekend. Denver has wonderful houses and a lotta rain, and I got sick yesterday. I took some pills, we put Adam to bed, then I lay down to sleep and had this dream.
I was at a comic book festival. I was with three people. The only one in focus was a tall, geeky looking guy – who I began to see was Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais’s partner on the Extras. He gave me a computer to write things on, but whatever I wrote appeared on the screen as something different, in Greek or Cyrilac script. I got mad and, like Adam, threw the computer down. Later Stephen told me this was a test, and then he revealed that I was being inducted into the CIA. He introduced me to the man with him – Richard Nixon. Nixon was much shorter than I expected. He had a sour look on his face. He was wearing a sweater that I somehow recognized. It was cream colored with brown braiding, very thick, with a sort of ruff, or turtleneck. It was, in short, the kind of sweater one bought in the seventies. 
I was given a dossier and told my job. I was very happy, because I was sure that the pay was good, and the work sounded easy. It had to do with codes and comic books. But at this point I must have begun waking up, because I began to worry about Nixon. I had shaken his hand! I had called him Mr. Nixon! Wasn’t I opposed to Nixon? At this point I did wake up.
I conclude from this dream that my subconscious has become reactionary, which is potentially embarrassing. On the other hand, it did dress Nixon in the most ridiculous costume and made him short. So the subconscious of my subconscious must know what’s what.