and the rightwing utopia project in honduras goes on...

Sadly, my moral feelings, here, are pitted against my stomach. The founder of Whole Foods, John Mackay, and a libertarian freakheadnamed Michael Strong are trying to found libertarian zone cities in Honduras onuninhabited land – sort of like going back in the time machine to the days when monopolies like the East India company ruled over populations.

Of course, the land is actually inhabited – oh, inconvenient! But as it is inhabited by poor Afro-Caribbean peasants, you can drive them out with minimal bloodshed – a few murders, rapes, and the burning of houses ought to do. The murders have started: Antonio Trejo Cabrera, a lawyer who charged various Honduran legislators were bribed to pave the way for these new libertarian utopias was gunned down outside a wedding, on September 23rd. Michael Strong, who knows that the age demands the mushmouthed Romneyism we all enjoy, expressed his shock at the murder  in the following words:

"We believe that Antonio Trejo, had he lived long enough to get to knowus, would have concluded that our approach is 100 percent beneficial toHonduras and Hondurans. We are saddened for his family and understand what atragedy this is for trust and goodwill in Honduras," Strong said in astatement to The Associated Press.
Ah, if only Strong had added a Palinesque You betcha to his so horrified remarks!

So I’d suggest wearing a Trejo t-shirt next time you shop at Whole Foods.


piet said…
i am a deeply unhappy puppy at the moment ....

this morn i see something that reminds me of you and decide to come over (bringing something along in ex- and for a change) .. another of harvest your fingertipplings, which i have continuously done for years but most of my harvests of ... going on 2 years now, ... never get printed nor read ... and playing with folder branchment has been curtailed by the present boxclockspeed which i chose to punish myself for killing a faster one with a glass of water and none of the reflowers and reballers of this world like or even know my work .. so i am living a broken life .. but here goes

2 sep 2012 door ToddBoyle

Robert Costanza "Sustainability & Gross National Happiness"
HAPPINESS 2012 conference, August 25, 2012 - Seattle
University. Robert Costanza, one of America's leading ecological
economists, teaches at Portland State University and consults
with the government of Bhutan.

RC, Herman Daly and 6 others did a UN report this year also

well, anyway, the fresh frust is bycause i decide to just send you this in an email and end up at google plus .. from the blogger account (which, old style, got you an e-mail adress right away ... uh uahha, no longer

.. now i set bg colour to avoid being blinded and headached by white ones ... but am, yet again, too far out ahead of yall ... if y'ever do head 'back' to fresh rockdust coinage that is ... happy money ... and considered of no consequence .. considered not at all .. so that sometimes buttons go invisible under this minimal form of self protection. .. not sure wether that's the case here ... even join google+ did not work for me just now ... i've lost patience already and the sun shines bright on my old kentucky hooooooommme ... i mean often fog clogged coast .. .so i should go outside .... aloha.
piet said…
follow up sub
Brian M said…
well...I guess no more shopping at Whole Foods. I was oblivious to this.
Roger Gathman said…
piet, I went to the link, but I have to admit I find this guy a little tedious. My email, by the way, is