Amie's Excellent News - and the ten song countdown!

Amie, long the friend of LI, told me some excellent news yesterday, and I persuaded her to let me celebrate it with a list of ten songs. What the news is can probably be gathered from my not so subtle subtitles.

The brain - Soave il vento

The beating heart Santigold – Creator.

Eyelids – Talking Heads Naïve Melody

Oh expressive Mouth - Yet nature is made better by no mean/But nature makes that mean
Sezen Aksu – Rakkas

Hair - Sweets with sweets war not, joy delights in joy
Dhoom machale

Skin that blocks the light of the sun - the birth of our shadows
Dandy Warhols –Good Morning

Hearing voice makes space from which we dare not turn
Metric Help I’m Alive

And the red blood cells then came then
Dionysos et Kaolin C’est la vie

And the world was the best thing sense had ever sensed
Stravinksy Sacre de Printempts, part 1

Kick out the jams Sexy Sushi – Hibernatus
J'ai tout visité en 2 secondes,
Pékin, Tokyo, la Joconde.

J'ai fait tous les jobs possibles,
Plombier, pute et belle fille.

J'ai sodomisé un louveteau
Avec le manche d'un marteau.


Anonymous said…
LI, leave it to you to come up with a song list that goes from Mozart to Sexy Sushi and am pretty certain that Sacre du Printemps has never been followed by Hibernatus. Love it! Thank you!

roger said…
I'm glad you liked it! It is supposed to go month to month, obviously, with the presiding spirit of each month. I saw, while doing this, that I have a fatal flaw in my soundtrack knowledge. I need to learn something abut Bollywood dance music, I think.

I'm still so psyched about your news, Amie!
Anonymous said…
Hey Amie, one more song.

roger said…
I love that song. Wow, if I had time, I'd just set up a site for the Amie soundtrack, to which all her friends and wellwishers could contribute.
Anonymous said…
Oh no no LI, this is already a wonderful post and you have better things to be doing than setting up a song site for moi. Besides, I do not need to be getting a swollen head as well!
And my "wellwishers" are a weird bunch, they might just post Neil Diamond, Celine Dion and Abba. Ouch, ouch and ouch.
Though 7 seconds is great. Thanks E.!

Anonymous said…
Amie, wonderful news! Three Cheers from New York City! Come back soon to see us!

:) J.L
northanger said…
Anonymous said…
North, that is utterly priceless. I have to figure out and learn what they are singing. I do have the oh shit part down. And you know, I do have an accordion lying around here somewhere....
Hmmm, an accordion is probably not the "instrument" I need to be focusing on right now or is it!?
Anyway, so good to hear from you during your intergalactic travels. Don't worry, I won't hit you up for one of your star maps regarding something several months ahead.

northanger said…
congratulations Amie. i think they're singing britney's hit me baby one more time. i thought it fit the occasion best.
Anonymous said…
Roger, thank you for the wonderful soundtrack.

So Amie, 3 songs

Anonymous said…
Michel, that would be 4 songs, the Yeasayer vid has 2.

Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
C., ah, thanks, it is great to see this film again, even if a youtube clip can hardly do justice to Costa's amazing lighting.

I have a request for gals and guys who might be considering adding further songs. I would prefer if any more weren't added. Sorry if this sounds very ungrateful. It is a little overwhelming right now.

But keep reading LI's posts, it is great stuff!

Thanks again everyone.