editorial changes

As some of my readers have remarked, LI’s posts lately are a lot more dense. There is a reason for that. For the past year and a half, I’ve been using this site to do a sort of research note experiment. Usually, when you are researching a book, you type up your notes in various computer folders. But I thought it would be interesting to do this in the open, on a blog. Among other posts, The Human Limit posts would show the way research happens in real time. The principle was really the same as in those 24/7 webcams showing hot hot hot sorority girls dressing, undressing and living the vida loca with dildoes – just, you know, everyday life. Same with my research notes.

THL is not meant to be a philosophy text or a regular history. It is ‘an unofficial view of being’ – to use Wallace Steven’s definition of poetry. I’ve laid down almost all the themes I need, and now I have to start tying them together.

But I’ve decided that this will require a little more order on this blog. Which means that the current affairs commentary has to go. I am finding it too annoying, wading through my always irritated and futile remarks on the oligarchy and their wars, heists, and shiftlessness, looking for this or that thread. So I’ve decided to put them on another blog, called News from the Zona. At the moment, it is little more than template. I’ll have to fill it up eventually with links and stuff.

So, got it? If you want to read the exciting adventures of Baron Lahonte among the Huron, stay tuned on this channel. If you want to read a buncha raven like croakings about our doomed system, go to News from the Zona.


yoni said…
but but but roger! i always loved the combination of the two! poetic anthropological rantings about the elite, quaint marxist soapbox harangues, combined with completely-out-there treatises on sade, montesquieu and others about whom i know little and care less -- only as they pertained to the kind of intellectual salon you had here, as it should be (full of cynicism, depravity, but ALSO engagement with the world around). i think separating the two seems to be to be against your philosophy, actually... but i guess the more practical point of my rambling message is PLEASE to also update the other side of that same false coin.
roger said…
Yoni, I hear you! But every salon must evolve, man. Plus, it is only a hop skip and jump to the News from the Zona. The orgy of ranters were beginning to deafen even me, who have always considered multiple personality disorder just another name for performance art.