rogerology day!

We all have read our Nietzsche, and know that it is better not have been born. Who doesn’t feel pressing in, year after year, the serpent’s promise of death to Eve – that was the real temptation. The only way to escape from the life sentence of paradise. But in spite of the death drive, LI is still ticking away, with all the stupidity of a watch set to the wrong time. The watch cannot reach out and set itself straight – birthdays are a reminder that people can’t do that either, although of course the mechanism in some of us makes us repeat the vain gesture, over and over again.

It is my birthday today.

Here’s my song for today: Ponderosa


northanger said…
um, happy birthday.
roger said…
Thank you, North! This is turning into a peculiarly self-hating birthday, since I was just reminded of what an asshole I used to be. Which is in the past! I'm now on the straight and narrow! But I am going out soon, and I'm hoping that I get into the spirit of celebrating my decay. I'm for my decay - I'm a big decay fan. Die, cells! Metastasize! The faster the better. Perhaps this should have been the song for the day.
northanger said…
nice gitar.

btw, a weeping wino underneath a weeping willow with his naked derriere hanging out saying fuck you kiss my ass is very rogerology.
Praxis said…
No, roger, not the wrong time - just the wrong place. Perfect time for some other time zone. Exile; tour guide. Happy birthday.
roger said…
say, I didn't hear the part where the weeping wino has his naked derriere hanging out!

Thanks praxis. It was a happy birthday - I did drink till I was drunk, though I didn't smoke until I was senseless. Now I am in Bertie Wooster's condition when he first met Jeeves - feeling a bit rocky from the night before. I need something like Jeeves' ingenious concoction:

'If you would drink this, sir,' he said, with a kind of bedside manner,
rather like the royal doctor shooting the bracer into the sick prince. 'It
is a little preparation of my own invention. It is the Worcester Sauce that
gives it its colour. The raw egg makes it nutritious. The red pepper gives
it its bite. Gentlemen have told me they have found it extremely
invigorating after a late evening.
coffeehound said…
happy limited inc. day, everyone!
northanger said…
Anonymous said…
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Brian said…
I missed Rogerus Maximus Day! Oh no! Happy Birthday!
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