Weekend: the week in politics!

Of course, LI is getting tons of emails about our relative silence vis a vis the late breaking political developments. The convention. The crucial question of leadership and experience. The whole gender thing.

We are speaking, of course, of the PS conference at La Rochelle, and whether Ségolène Royal or the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, take over the spot of first secretary of the party. Our heart is with Delanoë. We like the idea of confrontation, of getting in the face of the reactionaries in power. We dislike Royal’s idea that the PS has to extend peace feelers to the MoDem, of all feeble front organizations for a toothfairy solution to social problems. The dream of the Third Way should, by this time, have revealed itself clearly as the same old nightmare from which we are all trying to wake up. On the other hand, I like Royal as the face of the party. She did resurrect the corpse, which was shot by Jospin and his Blairing around ways. So, at the moment, I think Delanoë’s confrontational strategy will work better in an election year than as a 24/7 offyear theme. In fact, what I’d like to see is an agreement between the two – Delanoë agreeing to serve as party secretary, in return for supporting Royal for one more try at the presidential. As for the perpetual bickering of the party elite – well, it is an old story, and for reasons that escape me, the journalists always cover it as though it were some kind of disaster.

A trois semaines de la date-limite pour le dépôt des motions [at the congress of Rheims], qui départageront les prétendants à la succession de François Hollande, l'heure était aux grandes manoeuvres pour Ségolène Royal, Bertrand Delanoë, Martine Aubry ou Pierre Moscovici. Objectif: constituer une majorité dans un parti balkanisé. Au sortir de l'université d'été, la situation n'est pas plus claire. Aucun des prétendants ne paraît pour l'instant en mesure de réunir plus du quart du parti lors du vote sur les motions.
A ce petit jeu, Ségolène Royal se sera montrée la plus discrète. La finaliste de l'élection présidentielle de 2007, qui mise tout sur son aura parmi les militants, s'est contentée d'une apparition le premier jour, marquée par un appel quasi-mystique à "l'amour" entre socialistes et une rapide réunion de ses partisans. Samedi et dimanche, elle a préféré à La Rochelle la fête du Parti démocrate italien.”

Then, of course, there is the most popular socialist, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, with his pion, Moscovi. The French love to express their preference for the Colbert type in polls – not the comedian, the treasurer – but they vote for Louis xiv types.

Okay, so that is the roundup. Amie will no doubt have to correct me if this is a misanalysis. Oh, and ... I hear that something is happening in the U.S.A. too. I haven’t been paying attention. Who are the candidates again?


Anonymous said…
LI, i become ever more convinced that this is the go to place for an analysis of all things French - from cuisine to fashion to music to politics. To say nothing of philosophy and poetry, but who gives a damn about that.
Anyway, I'm not going to disagree with the analysis in this post. I can't say I've followed the PS seance all that closely, as I should have. I do like your suggestion regarding Ségolène and Delanoë. The former drove me nuts during her presidential campaign, especially at the outset, but you know I got to respect her as it went on. But this idea of aligning with the Modem to capture the "middle" is a non-starter and a nightmare. And I hope Delanoë keeps up with the confrontational stance. I suppose one should be careful what one wishes for, but I do wish for such confrontations. I also wonder wonder why her appel to "l'amour" entre socialistes et une rapide réunion de ses partisans, would be "quasi-mystique"?
Ah, I'm totally rambling, but your post catches me at a particular moment. In a matter of hours, I'm leaving for Paris to see if I can live there again.



roger said…
Hey, we are the mousuequteers Amie! You go off to Paris, me, I'm going to Mexico. But you are the adventurous one, obviously. I'm the tourist among adventurers. Still, Mexico is going to be interesting. Always is. I'm determined not to get drunk, though, not even once.
Keep me posted.
Bonne chance!