Isabel Marant, fall 2008

Thousands of people have been emailing LI, asking one and only one question: who are you looking at in fall fashion this year? We have, of course, been remiss in not linking to more fashion blogging, but to answer the questions that keep pouring in: keep you eye on Isabel Marant. If Santogold is Summer, 2008, Isabel Marant is fall, 2008. Now, people like to say that Isabel is not fashion forward, but is – watch for the patronizing tone! – wearable. Marant is anything but hieratic, having an intuitive feel for the accepting line, for the energy produced by the moving body. No, she isn’t loading the fashion system on the shoulders of her girls, or vying to produce some intergalactic silhouette a la Martin Margiela. There is a reason that this year, her show was in a big tent at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with a long long walk – acceptance is all about movement, as you can see here.
So, I hope that satisfies LI’s many, many many questioners.


Chuckie K said…
Well, it's about time. I'll lay off with the reproaches now. I was particularly pleased that first article initially implied 'chic' is an ethnicity.
roger said…
Chicicania. Capital: St. Laurent. National Anthem: This song. (It is totally cute when every 'chic' stands up and sings this before the football games.
Chuckie K said…
Back from the weekend. Sorry I am not html astute enough to embed, but in the heroic days of my people's struggle for recognition, this was out anthem:
Chuckie K said…
When It comes to fashiion, I can't leave well enough alone.

Friday, I was sitting in the shade under the cherry and reading Frederike Mayroecker's poems. And there in its radiance, a word I had never seen in poetry before: Herbstkollektion!

You also amke me wistful for the days when WWD was my accompanied me daily. A longing inseparable from the memory of a young woman, a fashion major no doubt, who came to me one day with a request. "I'd like to see Women's Wear Daily." "Is there a specific issue you would like to see?" "I don't know, how often does it come out?"
roger said…
Ho ho.
But let us mourn Yves St. Laurent. The fisher king is dead. And I'm feeling blue.