For Amie

And, just to add further to the sweetness of Amie's day, here's the headline in Figaro:
François Bayrou battu à Pau


roger said…
Amie, I thought you'd drop me a comment! I hope you haven't celebrated this small but telling victory over Sarko boulevardier politics too hard.
Anonymous said…
LI, is that sweet or what!

Bayrou, pauvre con, we barely knew you, but you can fuck off now and take your precious MoDem party with you.

roger said…
Hey, Amie, I put up a new motto for my site and nobody has commented. I'm crushed. What do you think?
Anonymous said…
LI, I hadn't noticed the new motto either. It's nice to see Britney getting her due as she gets all philosophical. It's only a matter of time before she releases her musical masterpiece called Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik, Griechenthum und Pessimismus.

Anonymous said…
LI, damn if your new motto hasn't got in my head. For one thing, I'm a hoping this is not an Hightower inspired quote, as that would make for an uh oh moment.
And another thing, I've been having trouble thinking through the connection between the two parts - I'm bored and I hate myself. I'm not bored much, but the blessed thing about it is that one forgets oneself. So how would it lead to self-hatred?
Unless it was that any form of emptiness and distraction that wasn't a continual filling and storing up of the self was a cause for self-hatred.
Happiness Triumphant probably cannot acknowledge let alone affirm such, as then its bubble would burst.
And what if such a bubble bursting is happiness?

roger said…
Amie, you might be right that Britney's two sentences are disjoint, forming a text message enigma. After all, self hatred is a pretty engrossing feeling - it rather excludes boredom.

I was looking though the Teachings of the Painting of a Garden as Large as a Mustard Seed yesterday. There are a lot of similar enigmas.

Here's the three errors:

"Kouo Jo-hiu [of the dynasty] of Song says:

The three errors are all connected to the use of the brush.

The first is called Pan. Pan is when the wrist is weak and the brush is stupid: it is a complete lack of equilibrium, giving a flat form to objects, not putting the form in relief.

The second error is called k'o. K'o is when one maneuvers the brush, but doubts inwardly. the heart and the hand are not in accord. When one paints, one gives birth to angles.

The third error is called kie. Kie, is when one wants to advance, and one doesn't advance. It is, when it is time to develop, not developing. It is like there is something that impedes the brush, and won't let it flow freely."

I think Britney (and, I'll admit, LI) are bedevilled by all three gremlins.

Here's what the commentator says - I'm taking this from the French translation:

"Ce sont des défauts à peu près irrémédiables. Le peintre qui ne s’en libère pas à brève échéance, qu’il soit chinois ou européen, n’a qu’une décision à prendre : faire n’importe quoi, mais pas de la peinture."

Which I think is a little harsh!
Anonymous said…
LI, the commentator is being too harsh, and perhaps could lighten up by thinking of Hokusai's humility.

By the way, have you checked out Obama's recent speech addressing his pastor and church. I've only heard excerpts, but they have me wondering whether Nostramadus was whispering in your ear when you brought up Hightower?

roger said…
Amie, I don't want to get too caught up in the campaign - but what I read of Obama's speech was amazing. I'm an alternate delegate for a guy who is actually willing to trust the intelligence of the American public. Well, that's a novel strategy! I think it might even work.