One of the funnier delusions that the D.C. elite like to perpetrate on the American people is that the Bush administration is genuinely fighting for democracy. To perpetrate this, the media has to segregate what the Bushies actually do in the world from what they do in David Broder’s head – and then, of course, report on what they do in David Broder’s head. So – the same administration that is putting money in the pockets of Pahlavi-connected Iranian dissenters, all in the name of democracy, hails as one of its great breakthroughs the new relationship with Libya, a dictatorship for thirty years that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Libya has held in its jails, on the flimsiest of pretexts, a number of Bulgarian nurses that are under death penalty for spreading AIDS, which is Qaddafi’s way of pretending that AIDS doesn’t spread in Libya as it does in the rest of the world, via sex. That would be an admission too far – so why not line up some innocent Bulgarian women against a wall and shoot them?

Again, Libya has re-affirmed its commitment to murder these women. Tony Blair, that heartless bastard, made several journeys to Libya when he was P.M. – or was he P.M.S.? – and, in the light of his selfannointed position as the Lancelot of Democracy, Inc., talked seriously to Qadaffi – about selling him jet fighters. As we know, Blair’s commitment to the most democratic regimes in the region, like Libya, like Saudi Arabia, and his firm commitment to spread the Weapons of Mass Destruction that are approved by the West in order to line the pockets of his cronies is sterling, a characteristic that gets him raves in the American press, especially among the liberal hawk crowd – oh, if only Bush was as eloquent as Blair! Well, at least they share a mutual loathing for honesty, integrity and the sanctity of human life.

We are led, as always, by the lowest scum.